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    Advantages of Parallel Threading System
  • Continuity of Re-enforcing bars
  • Allows full ductile elongation of bars
  • No Congestion of bars
  • Construction cycle time reduced
  • Steel wastage reduced
  • Staggering of bars not required
  • Dowels can be avoided enabling re-use of form works

Our Unitech System is a threaded connection which guarantees an ultimate tensile strength of the joint (Splice) slightly greater than that of the parent bar. Each of the connection constitutes, one sleeve that connects two bars, the ends of these which are threaded using our machines.

Applications/Usages of Parallel threading :
Unitech splicing system is very much suitable to join reinforcement bars end to end.

Mechanical connections are quicker, safer and also more convenient alternative to lapping.

It is applicable in splicing of reinforcement bars, columns, beams, diaphragm wall cages, construction joints, temporary openings and Top down constructions etc\85

Every thread produced at site will be checked with Go - NO GO gauge to ensure the quality of threading.

Crimping System
Parallel Threaded Splicing Couplers
  • Splicing of Re-Bars with Crimping system are applicable for repair works where the Re-Bars are fixed before threading
  • These can be provided as an alternative where there is constraints of space to accommodate machineries needed for producing threaded type joints v.z., Cutting, Forging and Threading Machines.
We have established a niche for quality and client satisfaction through constant improvements. We have an fully functional, excellent in house testing facility consisting of Universal Testing Machine.
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